Legging Manufacturers

Submitting Your Legging Styles by Email

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore accepts legging submissions from legging manufacturers for consideration on our website. We are always looking for new amazing style to expand our wholesale legging catalog.  There are a number of important considerations before you submit your legging styles.  Please review the following criteria:

  • We do not accept submission from 3rd party distributors - This is because we only deal with manufacturers because of pricing and quality control concerns. We only offer our customers the very best wholesale leggings at the very best prices and having a middleman mark-up does not allow for the lowest possible price and quality control as compared to dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  • Submit Your Full Catalog not Just Examples - Please present your full catalog of your manufactured legging styles in a clear an concise manner. We do not want to see just a few examples but rather your full catalog of manufactured styles in a clear and concise manner with high quality images.
  • Provide Pricing for All of Your Styles - We will not consider any submission that does not have pricing.
  • Ensure Samples are Available - The Leggings Wholesale Superstore ensures only the best quality wholesale leggings and leg fashion for its customers. We provide our collection of wholesale leggings under the premise that if our customers are successful then we are successful and that requires the best possible leg fashion at the best possible prices.

Send your catalog and product information to info@Leggingswholesale.com

Submitting Your Legging Styles by Mail

If you would like to send in samples for consideration, please send your samples to:

Legging Wholesale Superstore
Product Submission
1458 S San Pedro St, Unit L31
Los Angeles, CA 90015






Need help? Email us at Support@LeggingsWholesale.com

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