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We are one of the largest USA wholesalers of legging and leg fashion based in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, California, in the heart of the fashion district.  We have been in the leggings business for over 10 years and have been one of the pioneers in the idiom of leggings and leg fashion.  You may know us also as World of Leggings(R), USA Fashion(TM) and Only Leggings, all of which are under our umbrella of customer focused fashion in the category of women's leggings, leg fashion and all apparel.

Our Experience is Our Guarantee

We are 100% committed to providing the very best in wholesale leggings and leg fashion to our customers.  If we do not sell it ourselves on one of our retail fashion websites then we will NOT wholesale it to you.  We do not deal in poor quality product and we will not offer sub standard leggings and leg fashion to any of our customers.  We know that if you are successful then we are successful and that is why we strive to provide the very best quality products at the very best prices.

Buying Wholesale in Single Piece Lots

We started selling our massive retail leggings catalog because we had literally thousands of requests from World of Leggings and Only Leggings for wholesale purchase.  The difference is that we knew that most small boutiques could not and did not want to take huge risk in buying leggings in packs of 10 because of the huge risk associated with slow moving styles and the limitation of the number of styles a smaller boutique could stock.  By offering our catalog in single piece lots, even small boutiques around the USA could now offer dozens of styles and take very little risk doing it. 

We also offer our sized items in individual pieces so if you need only smalls and medium pieces, then order away.  We allow for any combination and permutation of styles, colors and sizes right down to the single piece giving your business an amazing way of providing selection and choice to your customers.  This greatly limits your financial risk and gives your boutique a competitive advantage.

We Know You Want Your Leggings Fast!

We are all tired of ordering from a suppliers who take a week and even more just to get your order out the door.  This is why we strive to send each order out the same business day.  We know that we have to work hard to achieve this but we get the job done on 95% of orders when they are placed before 2:00 pm Pacific time.   We want you to recycle your inventory as fast as possible because we know the faster you get your leggings and leg fashion, the faster you can sell them and order more styles.  Success is dependent on all parts of the chain work fast and accurately to get the job done and we want to do our part to achieve that.

You Choose FEDEX or USPS

We offer both USPS and UPS for shipping choices.  Many people prefer one or the other and because of our volume discounts, our shipping is very well priced.  You can take your pick and we will be sure to get your goodies to you. 




Need help? Email us at Support@LeggingsWholesale.com

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