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We know that Canada loves high quality leggings and leg fashion and finding quality and dependable suppliers can be a daunting task ... that is where the Leggings Wholesale Superstore comes in. We offer our huge wholesale leg fashion catalog to Canadian businesses who want to provide their customers the very best in leg fashion. Shop our massive catalog of wholesale leggings and we will ship them to you in Canada. 

Ordering Wholesale Leggings for Your Canadian Boutique or Online Business 

Ordering from our website for your Canadian business is just as easy as purchasing from any other online website.  Once you place and pay for your order, we begin work on getting your order together and shipping it to you.  We handle all of the shipping and include any information Canadian Customs and Duty officials require.  To place an order, follow these steps:

1.  Create an account to see pricing of each product

2.  Choose the items that you want to buy

3.  Check out and pay for your order

4.  We ship you your items as fast as we can! 

Additional Canadian Charges - Itemized

The Canadian and Provincial Governments impose a number of additional charges when ordering outside of Canada. They are the following:

  • Customs and Duty (C&D)- Fashion has a C&D charge of 18%
  • GST - Goods and Services Tax - 5%
  • PST - Provincial Sales Tax - Varies by Province

All of these charges are imposed by the Canadian and Provincial Governments, not by the Leggings Wholesale Superstore. We have no control over these import charges and are charged to us at the border by Canadian government officials.

Customs and Duty Charges Are Included and Itemized

Unfortunately every country in the world has import Customs and Duty charges and Canada is no different.  The Canadian Government imposes these charges on goods shipped from the United States as well and are always an additional charge.  The import Customs and Duty charge imposed by the Canadian Government is 18% for fashion goods imported into Canada.  The Canadian Government charges this 18% import cost at the border when packages enter the country.   

To make import of your package easy and seamless, we have the Canadian government charge FedEx who in turn charges us at the time your package enters Canada making a very quick and easy Customs and Duty clearance process.  There is no way around the Canadian Customs and Duty charges and trying to bring goods into Canada by hiding or smuggling goods is a criminal act.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore follows all applicable laws to ensure full compliance on importing our products into Canada. 

Federal (GST) and Provincial (PST) Taxes Are Included and Itemized

Canada and its provinces also charges federal and provincial taxes (GST and PST or HST) that apply for any and all gods and services sold in Canada.  This also applies to wholesale goods purchased.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore also makes this easy so that your business will be in 100% compliance with the Canadian and provincial government(s).  Just like the Customs and Duty, FedEx is charged at the point that your goods enter Canada and we are then charged by FedEx.  All of these charges occur at the point that your package enters Canada.

We strongly recommend that you consult a Canadian accountant who can provide you advice on GST, PST or HST.  You can get some of these taxes back when you process your GST return.  Making sure that you have all of the information to operate your business in the most efficient way can help make your business competitive in the marketplace.   

The Customs and Taxes Are Included and Itemized

When you go to your shopping cart you will see that all costs are separated and itemized. At the bottom of the shopping cart you will see a drop down that will allow you to choose Canada in your shopping cart. You will also see:

  • Your Customs and Duty charges itemized at the top
  • Your product charges for goods you would like to purchase
  • The shipping costs if you have entered your shipping information
  • The federal and provincial taxes applicable to your order
  • Your order total that includes all of the relevant costs to your order   

Leggings Wholesale Superstore and its Canadian Roots

The Legging Wholesale Superstore is very familiar with Canada, its fashion environment and everything that Canadian businesses look for in amazing leg fashion specifically for the Canadian marketplace.  Our founder and CEO, Danny Alex, is a Canadian (growing up in Calgary) and established the Legging Wholesale Superstore in Los Angeles because of the amazing proximity to the largest possible selection and availability of womens leggings and fashion.  With our top down understanding of the Canadian marketplace, the Leggings Wholesale Superstore is uniquely positioned to provide to you the very best selection for your Canadian based business.   

We are 100% committed to providing Canadian business with the best online wholesale leggings with the best service and the very best prices.






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