Leggings Wholesale Superstore VS Lularoe Leggings

Are you thinking about making changes to your leggings and fashion business?  Are you looking for better opportunities, an amazing selection of leggings and women's fashion and an organization that wants you to succeed?  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore is your very best place to get your legging and fashion business off the ground and keep it growing.  There are many important ingredients to getting any business off the ground from how much money you have to spend for inventory, marketing, and other expenses to start and maintain your business.   

If you have a Lularoe based business and are thinking about looking for new options on how to grow your fashion business then you have come to the right place.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore has a dedicated mission; to provide the  tools, the very best leggings and fashion and resources to start, keep and grow an amazing leggings and women's fashion business.  Lt's look at the basics to start:

Minimum Investment

  • Leggings Wholesale Superstore: $50.00
  • LulaRoe:  $499.00 and up

Ouch!  The difference in start up costs is alarming.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore has no desire to front end its profits by charging you a HUGE amount for just starting your business.  We want to be successful because you are successful and that is important when you are trying to preserve your money for marketing and other expenses.

Cost Base for Your Legging Inventory

The next thing that is important to examine is the cost per legging piece or your cost base.  This is critical because your cost base will determine how big your margins can be and directly determines your profitability.  Lets examine how the cost for a Lularoe legging is compared to a Leggings Wholesale Superstore legging.  For simplicity purposes, we will use the milk silk buttery soft legging style as our base legging.

Cost Per Legging

  • Leggings Wholesale Superstore:  $4.95 +
  • LulaRoe:  $8.00+


Leggings Selection

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore gives you an incredible amount of choice when starting your business.  With an initial investment of only $50.00, we suggest that you get a nice mix of our different styles of fabric and sizes and then use our amazing sales tool, PickMyLeggings.com.

What is PickMyLeggings.com? 

This is our website that we provide free of charge to show your customers our entire catalog with any prices, contact information or any information that is in any way specific or would steer your customer away from you.  This is a HUGE tool for you because now you can sell any of our 1000's of styles instead of just your current inventory.  If you do not have anything that on hand that your customer likes then let them take a look at PickMyLeggings.com to find the styles they would like.  You then charge then for their order, purchase the leggings here at LeggingsWholesale.com, we ship them and you give your customers their new fabulous leggings and fashion pieces.  It is that simple!

Lularoe on the other hand does not pick which leggings you will sell, they pick for you ... WHAT?  Are you serious?  It is true, you cannot pick the leggings that you can sell because their policy is that they pick them and you have to try and sell them ... That is a recipe for disaster!


The following are the sources that we used ensure we researched and presented information correctly and without bias.  You may visit these sources to confirm the information, facts and figures that we present with regards to LulaRoe.

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There are other sources available to confirm the information regarding the costs of starting a LulaRoe business and when you compare the very expensive front loaded costs of LulaRoe, you will fall in love with the Leggings Wholesale Superstore's simplicity, support and very little investment you need to start your own leggings and fashion business.

If you are thinking about LulaRoe, STOP and take the wise approach without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.  Spend $100.00 for you small initial inventory and take baby steps with us, The Leggings Wholesale Superstore!

Need help? Email us at Support@LeggingsWholesale.com

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