International Shipping

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore provides its catalog to an ever growing list of international countries.  We are making our online collection of wholesale leggings available countries with secure and stable financial systems and legacy shipping infrastructure.  Shipping costs maybe specific and vary between countries.  You can get a shipping quote from your shopping cart and get an idea how much shipping costs will be.  If no shipping quotes are provided then shipping is not available to your country but maybe in the near future.  You may contact customer service at

International Duties and Customs Charges - Not Included

Any and all duties and customs charges are independent of our prices.  Duty and border custom charges are not included and are a function of your home government and has nothing to do with our prices.  Your government may charge and levy customs duty charges for incoming products that are specific to your country.  Again, Leggings Wholesale Superstore has nothing to do with Customs and Duty charges and they are ALWAYS, except for Canada and Australia, in addition to what you paid for your order.

FedEx or USPS are your Import Agent and they will charge you any GST, PST, HST and Customs and Duty that is owed.  

International Billing Requirements - More Information Maybe Required

Please be advised that we may require additional information to qualify and process your order even though your order may have been processed successfully.  This maybe for any of the following reasons:

1.  Your Billing and Shipping Addresses Do Not Match:  If your billing and shipping addresses do not match, we may require you to fill out an authorization form and provide proof of identity. 

2.  If Our Fraud Systems Trigger a "Suspicious" Indicator:  Leading edge international online billing systems now have many built in regional and global anti-fraud systems that help prevent and eliminate fraud.  When one or more are triggered, they provide to us a potential for billing issues.  This can be because any of the following reasons:

  1. IP and Country mismatch
  2. CVV Code Mismatch
  3. Address Mismatch
  4. Previous history of charging-back as determined by your shipping/billing address, Name on your Credit Card or other triggers
  5. Unsuccessful delivery attempts
  6. Your financial institution may reside in a high-risk country, have a history of not honoring charges or high charge-back rate.
  7. Phone number provided does not match billing / shipping country or area code 

3.  Multiple Indicators are Triggered:  This could be a combination of indicators that provide and indistinguishable identity where each element suggests does not coincide or refutes your physical location or delivery address. 

4.  Generic Email:  This is usually a very generic email with a, suffix or generic indistinguishable email with little to no history.

5.  Freight Forwarder:  If you use a freight forwarder that is little known or not known at all.  Most freight forwarders are looked at with suspicion.

No Refund for Returned or Undeliverable Addresses

If your package comes back to us as undeliverable or rejected the following shall apply:

  1. No refund for shipping charges
  2. A restocking fee of 30% applies 
  3. All Shipping charges to and back from carrier

Shipping Your Order

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore always strives to provide the lowest and most efficient shipping costs that we can and we maintain close relationships with some of the largest shippers Globally.  

1.   Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order and the destination of your order.

2.   The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

3.   Leggings Wholesale Superstore uses FedEx, DHL, USPS and / or UPS shipping services.

4.   We provide the lowest price options possible for shipping your products

5.   Shipping costs are always independent of our product prices.

6.   The shipping carrier may vary depending on your location and weight.

7.   We are not responsible for shipping delays resulting from errors, weather, acts of god, errors made by the shipping company, errors or omissions provided by the customer or delays to shipping that are out of our control.  No guarantees are made as to the exact shipping and arrivals dates.

8.   If a wrong shipping address provided or any incorrect shipping information which results in your order being "Return to Sender", shipping costs are non refundable and have to be paid for again for a reship.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore is charged by the shipper for these instances and the customer is responsible for the costs where the error is on their part.  

9.  We shall make every effort to ensure your order arrives quickly and in 100% good condition which includes working closely with the shipper, tracking your package and ensuring its safe delivery at all times.

10. The Leggings Wholesale Superstore will only provide STORE CREDIT for missing or damaged items for Canadian and International orders.  There are no exceptions to this rule as the costs of shipping is too prohibitive.

Can I Get a Shipping Estimate on My Order Before Checking Out? 

Yes you can and it is easy, just follow these steps:

1.  Go to your Shopping Cart

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page

3.  On the right hand side you will see "Add Info" on the shipping line

4.  Add your information and you can have a shipping quote on your order.

NOTE:  There may be additional shipping charges if you live outside of a major city.  Additional charges result from an additional leg that the carrier has to make in addition to the shipping fee provided in your quote. 


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