Making Changes to Your Order

What if I Need to Make Changes to My Order?

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore (LWS Hereinafter) always tries to ensure that your experience with us is as pleasant and prosperous as possible, however, there are circumstances that arise that can create issues that require clear and manageable rules so that everyone can be sure of the best and most efficient service.

Before you place your order, make 100% sure that all of your order information, from the items you are purchasing to your shipping address, is correct.  We are not responsible for any error(s) that you make to your order. 

1.   There are no guarantees whatsoever that any changes can be made or processed before your order actually ships.  Once you place your order and your order is confirmed, it must be assumed that we are working on filling, packing and shipping your order almost immediately and that it may be given to the shipper at anytime thereafter.

2.   Emailing LWS an order cancellation does not guarantee that your order has been cancelled, in fact, you must assume that it has NOT been cancelled until you have an email back from us stating and confirming that your order has been cancelled.     

3.   Once your order is placed, there can be NO CHANGES to the shipping address or order details unless it is approved in writing by the LWS.  The shipping address MUST match the billing address on the credit card.  There are no exceptions to this unless an address is previously approved by the LWS or the credit card processor at the time of checkout.  NOTE:  The LWS maintains the right to cancel any order if it feels there may be fraudulent or incorrect addresses provided. 

4.   The shipping address is the address entered by you (the customer) at the time of checkout and is approved by the credit card processor when your order is paid for and processed.  This is the address that the credit card processor provides to LWS and is digitally transferred directly to our shipping software.  The address you have entered is the address LWS will ship your order to.  LWS does not make any changes to the address that you have provided and was approved by the credit card processor.

5.   LWS will not accept, entertain or approve any changes to your order by phone (no exceptions).  Any and all changes to your order MUST be emailed to and approval for any changes must have an approval email back from us.  Without an approval email from LWS, your change or cancellation request has NOT been actioned or approved.

NOTE: Emailing LWS any order changes or cancellations does not mean that your request(s) have been verified or confirmed; in fact, you must assume that NO order changes have been made to your order until you have a confirmation email from us confirming any approved changes.  This includes any and all cancellations, address changes, item order changes, names changes or any other change to your order.  There are no exceptions.








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