Wholesale Women's Clothing for Small Business

You have a small business or clothing boutique and you would like to expand your apparel selection and place as little capital at risk, well the Leggings Wholesale Superstore is going to make life much easier and create an incredible selection of new fashion with virtually zero inventory risk.  Let discuss how the Leggings Wholesale Superstore can help create an amazing, vibrant and always new fashion mix for your business or fashion boutique.

The Biggest Threat to Your Business: Inventory risk

One of the most common reasons small fashion businesses fail or they do not consider expansion is inventory risk.  Imagine if you could buy one of each style, one in each size or just one size and one color without having to buy a 10 or 20 pack.  Well, that is what you can do at the Leggings Wholesale Superstore.  Your inventory risk is now at an end!

We allow the purchase of single pieces in any color and any style so instead of getting a ten pack of that new legging style in regular, plus and extra plus, you can now purchase just one of each or even just one plus size so you can bring the style in and see its response.  If your customers rave about it, you can now order 2 of each without having to endure huge inventory risk.

It is the End of Inventory that Never Sells and Endless "On Sale" Racks

Do you know about those fashion orders that you place that are more than you can comfortably afford just so you can have more new styles?  We all do and these are the very things that can place your business at risk.  You buy 10 of these tops, 18 of these leggings, 10 of these dresses, 10 of these jumpers and so on.

What if a style does not sell?  You are now stuck with just trying to get your money back from the style so you can buy a new style and that means "Sales Rack".

Not anymore.  The Leggings Wholesale Superstore allows you to try one piece in one style so that you can test that particular design.  In the example above, you would purchase 48 new clothing pieces but just 4 new styles!  We know that choice and selection is one of those things that gets customers going back.  Now you can order 48 different styles and fill your business or fashion boutique with an amazing selection.  When a style sells out right away, buy 2 of that style to see how it keeps selling.  You do not want to jump right to 10 because what of it was a fluke?  Now you can test every style that comes into your boutique and enjoy the very best wholesale women's fashion at great prices and an industry leading ship-out and shipping speed.

Getting Your Wholesale Fashion Order Out Fast is Critical

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore knows that and is why we get virtually every order out the same day.  We are tenacious in getting you your wholesale clothing fast because we know money stuck in inventory is more stuck doing nothing.  This is why we make this promise to you:

The Leggings Wholesale Superstore promises to do everything it can to get your order out the same day, accurately and at the best price.

It is our mission to provide you the very best wholesale women's fashion, fast and at the very best prices online for wholesale clothing.  This you can always depend on.  If you are successful then we will be successful.







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