Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't see any prices, how can I see them?

A: To see our prices, you need to create an account.  Then, every time you come and visit us, just log in and get busy with the best online catalog of wholesale leggings. 

Q: I am a business and I want to have your leggings in my store, how can I place an order?

A: Its easy.  First you need to create an account.  Once you do that, browse our huge catalog and pick the leg fashion you want.  Before you checkout, review your shopping cart and make sure your quantities, styles, colors and sizes are correct.  Once you are loving your choices, go to your shopping cart and checkout and pay with either credit card or PayPal.

Q: I have some leggings in my shopping cart but I do not see the checkout button, what do I do?

A: The checkout button will not show until your shopping cart has $100.00.  You may certainly purchase much more than $100.00 to get our prices super low but you have to have a minimum of $100.00 before you can checkout.

Q:  Who pays for shipping?

A: You are always responsible for the shipping in all cases.  This is because we make our prices as low as we can and have very very small profit margins on each item that we sell.  To make sure that each item is priced correctly with as low as possible price, we keep shipping costs out of our prices.  REMEMBER, there is no such thing as "Free Shipping".  Free shipping means that the shipping costs are in the price of the item and with Amazon, you have to pay $179.88 for "Free Shipping".

Q: Is it possible to get even lower prices than what is listed?

A: Absolutely, with LeggingsWholesale.com, the more you buy the lower the price of the item so if you buy more than 8 pieces of a style then the price will be $2.00 lower per piece.

Q: I have to buy packs of 6 or 10 pieces with other wholesalers, can I buy single pieces with LeggingsWholesale.com?

A: You sure can and this is important for so many reasons:

  • It allows you to determine which styles are going to work in your store without the huge risk of having to buy a pack of 10 pieces and then have it sit on the shelf if it does not sell.
  • Buying singles allows you to carry a huge amount of styles. This is critical especially when you are just getting started, adding a new product line or everyday inventory management.
  • Allows you to utilize "Just in time inventory". This inventory principle works like this. Lets say you stock our Made in the USA Cotton Basic Leggings which we stock all the time. You may have a buyer for 6 large black but you only have 2. You do not want to buy a pack of 2 S 2M and 2L from the other wholesalers because you have too many small as it is. You may then place an order with us for our Made in the USA cotton in the quantities, sizes and colors you need just as if you actually had them on hand.

Your success is very important to us.

 Q: Who is Leggings Wholesale Superstore?

A: We have been in the leggings and leg fashion business for over 10 years and are the official supplier to many high profile websites that include WorldofLeggings.com as well as OnlyLeggings.com.  We have a passion for amazing leggings and have global relationships with manufacturers so we can provide you the very best wholesale leggings and leg fashion at the very best prices.

Your success is incredibly important to us as we feel we can play a major role in helping small boutiques and business be competitive in a women's fashion market smothered by Amazon and China send their low cost products through the USPS Epacket program.

Note: We are working actively to end the incredibly unfair Epacket program that has had a huge negative effect on USA based businesses.  We urge everyone to contact their Congressman or woman as well as email the President at WhiteHouse.gov.




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